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Cleric Cap | 3005


Skill and Items HP Regen +30% / Attack -75% / Crit -40% / ASPD -20% / Block +10
ID 3005
weight 320
def 26
equipLv 80

Mobs that drop this item:

No Monsters drop this item.

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ID 3005
aegisName ClericCap

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

bonus bMaxHP,150;
bonus bDef2, 8;
bonus bHPrecovRate,50;
bonus bSPrecovRate,50;
bonus bHealPower,30;
bonus bAddItemHealRate,20;
bonus bAtkRate,-75;
bonus bAtk2,-75;
bonus bCriticalRate, -40;
bonus bAspdRate, -20;
bonus bFlee2, 10;
bonus2 bSubEle, Ele_Holy, 50;

Script to execute when the item is unequipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected.

dispbottom "Your heresy has been frowned upon.";
callfunc "SC_Bonus", 3+rand(5), SC_BLIND, 1;