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Supreme Gift | 593

Wow! A Gift Box! What wonders are inside?

ID 593
weight 115

Mobs that drop this item:

No Monsters drop this item.

This Item has Trade restrictions

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ID 593
aegisName SupremeGift

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

setarray [email protected], StrangeCoin, StrangeCoin, StrangeCoin, Googles, BlueManaPearl, BlackPearl, Bloodstone, LavaManaPearl, SaviorBlueprint, DivineApple, BowlerHat, Butterfly, BoneAmmoBox, CrystallizedMaggot, MylarinDust, MercBoxDD, MercBoxE, MysteriousFruit, MercBoxEE;
[email protected]=rand(getarraysize([email protected]));

if ([email protected] > 2)
	getitem [email protected][[email protected]], 1;
	getitem [email protected][[email protected]], rand(67,88);