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Haste Potion | 603

Formely known as Concentration Potion, this is made of plushrooms.

Attack Speed +30%
ID 603
weight 12
delay 500

Mobs that drop this item:

Monster Drop Chances
Bluepar 8%
Fafi Dragon 25%
Green Dragon 5%
Night Dragon 25%
Nightmare Dragon 5%
Blue Slime Mother 2.2%
Wandering Shadow 5%
Monster Sergeant 5%
Monster Lieutenant 5%
Monster Captain 5%
Monster Colonel 5%
Monster General 5%
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ID 603
aegisName HastePotion
dyeString G:#da69e5,ffdaff

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

callfunc("SC_Bonus", 120, SC_ATTHASTE_POTION1, 30);