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Scepter of Thunder | 7020

Randomly pours doom upon foes, and is overall powerful.

Magic Attack +370 / ATK +25 / HP -16% / MP+ / AutoSpell / Uses mana / Scales with level
ID 7020
weight 960
refine true
atk 25
matk 370
range 8
weaponLv 1
equipLv 60

Mobs that drop this item:

No Monsters drop this item.

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ID 7020
aegisName PynScepter
subtype W_STAFF
slots 1

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

bonus bMatk,(BaseLevel-50)*2;
bonus bAtk,(BaseLevel-60);
bonus bMaxSP,JobLevel+(BaseLevel-60);
addtoskill(TMW2_MPREGEN, 2, 2);
bonus bMaxHPrate, -16;
bonus bDef,-327; bonus3 bAutoSpell,TMW2_LIGHTNINGBOLT,min(4, BaseLevel/50),200;
bonus3 bAutoSpell,TMW2_METEORSHOWER,min(4, 1+JobLevel/37),100;
bonus3 bAutoSpell,TMW2_ARMAGEDDON,1,10;
bonus bSPDrainValue, -4;
skill TMW2_OVERLOAD, getrefine();