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Savior Sky Piercer | 7421

The savior's sword, pierces the sky into mana.

Damage scales with level / DEF -50% / Evasion -50% / Block +25%
ID 7421
weight 2700
refine true
atk 109
matk 55
range 1
weaponLv 1
equipLv 109

Mobs that drop this item:

No Monsters drop this item.

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ID 7421
aegisName Skypiercer
subtype W_KATAR
slots 1

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

bonus bFleeRate, -50;
bonus bDefRate, -50;
bonus bDef2Rate, -50;
bonus bMdefRate, -50;
bonus bMdef2Rate, -50;
bonus bFlee2Rate, 25;
bonus bAtkRate, min(100, max(0, BaseLevel-109));
bonus bMatkRate, min(100, max(0, BaseLevel-109)/2);