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Bronze Boss Gift | 8021

Hey, what a nice boss! They left a gift behind!

ID 8021
weight 25

Mobs that drop this item:

Monster Drop Chances
Tipiu 10%
The Yeti King 10%
Giant Mutated Bat 10%
Saxso Ghost 0.2%
Night Scorpion 0.35%
Fallen King 10%
Fallen King 10%
Fafi Dragon 0.6%
The Monster King 15%
Yetifly 20%
Terranite King 20%
Psi Conscience 5%
Hooded Assassin 10%
Isbamuth 10%
Night Dragon 20%
Demure Second Form 20%
Spider Queen 0.1%
Dreaded Pirate Marley 4%
Luvia 10%
Platinum Red Queen 8%
King Chonky Birb 2%
Monster Colonel 5%
Monster General 10%
General Krukan 1%
General Razha 10%
General Terogan 10%

This Item has Trade restrictions

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ID 8021
aegisName BronzeBossGift

Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

setarray .@r, MercBoxC, CrazyRum, Manapple, Dragonfruit, JasmineTea, TreasureMap, MysteriousBottle, Lockpicks, ArcmageBoxset, TreasureKey, CoinBag, WurtziteOre; .@n=rand(getarraysize(.@r));
getitem .@r[.@n], 1;