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Gold Ore | 846

Gold in its unrefined form.

ID 846
type IT_ETC
weight 700

Mobs that drop this item:

Monster Drop Chances
Giant Mutated Bat 2%
Mineral Bif 0.8%
Yellow Slime 1%
Ruby Bif 0.05%
Big Ruby Bif 0.1%
Topaz Bif 0.05%
Big Topaz Bif 0.1%
Emeald Bif 0.05%
Big Emerald Bif 0.1%
Diamond Bif 0.05%
Big Diamond Bif 0.1%
Amethyst Bif 0.05%
Big Amethyst Bif 0.1%
Sapphire Bif 0.05%
Big Sapphire Bif 0.1%
Small Magic Bif 0.05%
Magic Bif 0.1%
Big Magic Bif 0.15%
Green Dragon 2%
Angry Yellow Slime 1.02%
Nightmare Dragon 2%
Yellow Slime Mother 2%
Yellow Skull Slime 1%
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ID 846
aegisName GoldOre
dyeString W:#1b120c,2e1f15,3d291c,60402b,65442e,8c5e3f,af7650,c6a48d,e7ddd6;R:#7a5f00,ac8600,e6b300,ffcc1d